Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ms. Padilla's Class Fiesta Party

We had a great Fiesta Party for Ms. Padilla's Class.  The kids ate, broke a pinata, crack cascarones and had a parade.  Fiesta week was so much fun for the kids!

Frank even participated in the parade with his crock pot float!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fiesta Bunny

One of the games at the St. Gregory's church festival was giving away bunnies as a prize. Of course Amelia was obsessed with winning a bunny and tried and tried. She would pray before she threw each ring and say, "In the name of Jesus please let me win a bunny". She did not win but Jesus heard her and answered her prayers. After many attempts and spending all her money she walked away disappointed, then some man came up to her and told her he won a bunny and she could have it if she wanted it. Of course she accepted and was so excited about Jesus answering her prayers. She got to keep the bunny for 5 days and then it went to a more suitable home with other bunnies. She enjoyed it while she had it and took it to school and played with it and loved it. I think we will be skipping that festival next year!

We also went to the Colonies Hills Church festival and the kids ran into their friends Isaac and Jacob there. Fiesta was a blast this year!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

2010 Fiesta!

Amelia danced at St. Gregory's and Little Flower Church festivals during 2010 Fiesta. She performed two different flamenco dances and did a wonderful job!

Amelia's friends and family came out to show their support and watch her fabulous dancing.

Look Mom, No Teeth!

On March 17, 2010 Amelia lost her front tooth. She put oragel on her loose tooth and pulled it out herself. She is becoming a pro at tooth pulling!

Happy 2010 Easter!

We started Easter Sunday off by the kids discovering the Easter baskets the Easter bunny left for them. They believe that the Easter Bunny comes early in the morning and leaves them their baskets.
At lunchtime our family came to our house to celebrate with us. We had Nana, Grandma Rosie, Grandpa and Aunts and Cousin's over to our house to celebrate.
It has become a tradition for Nana to get baby chicks on Easter. The kids get to love them and play with them for the day and then they go to a friends ranch to have a nice long life of laying eggs. Amelia loves those baby chicks.

We finished the day off with opening Easter baskets, having an egg hunt and cracking casacrones on each other heads. It's so much fun.

We are so bless to have our family all together to celebrate with each other. It was a great Easter!

Elliott's Birthday Dinner at Rain Forest Cafe

Elliott decided he wanted to Rainforest Cafe for his birthday dinner. When we got there they sat us by the big gorilla and he was not crazy about that. He spent most the dinner with his eyes wide open and his fingers shoved in his ears because the gorilla scared him. Amelia loved it and had a great time. Towards the end he just put his head down in my lap.

When we got home he told us he loved it and wanted to go back. Go figure, the boy is crazy. We have since gone back and he really enjoyed it. I guess it just takes some getting used to.

Elliott's 3rd Birthday!

Elliott turned 3 years old and had his party at Shady Oaks Ranch and had a Dinosaur themed party. His Aunt Brenda made his special cake. His favorite things are Dinosaurs and Hot Wheels right now.

It was a great party. There were rides, a train, miniature golf and indoor game room. All the kids had a blast and Elliott had the most fun of all. His favorite things were playing miniature golf, pool and the rides.
Elliott had so much fun playing with all his friends and they all had a GREAT time!

Elliott got so many wonderful gifts but the best gift of all was celebrating his birthday with all his friends and family. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Happy Birthday Elliott, we love you!